Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon Clincher 2018 Wheelset



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When this number came onto the market it marked a massive innovation in the field of low-profile wheels.

What is innovative about the Racing Zero Carbon wheel is the concept: carbon and aluminium blend together to form a unique combination that has successfully re-interpreted the Racing Zero legend with a top-of-the-range version. It has frequently been praised as “super stiff thanks to the aluminium spokes, super reactive thanks to its lightweight rim” as well as boasting “razor-sharp precision” during riding, in addition to being “sturdy and comfortable, light and stable during the tensest moments of a race".

What else is there to add? Nothing, except that this wheel for racing bicycles can be improved with a new, lighter, more reactive and stiffer rim. The aim of Fulcrum's R&D department was clear and perhaps seen as a given: the character is not to be touched but the performance can be improved. The rim's standard measurements have stayed the same: 30 mm in height with a 17C groove that is a perfect fit for the 25 mm clincher tyres. What has changed are the materials and the internal and external structure. Twill carbon has been used plus AC3™ technology for improved braking. 

Racing Zero Carbon is an improved version of the Racing Zero wheel, and is the most sophisticated and innovative racing wheel, made for experienced gran fondo riders, for passionate cyclists who clock up the kilometres to improve their speed, looking for time on the climbs, that perfect feeling, the satisfaction that comes from challenging yourself. For those in search of the ultimate legendary experience.


The Racing Zero (Carbon) features a 30mm high carbon rim with a wider cross section and provides more grip, more comfort and superior handling. The rim is manufactured from UD (unidirectional carbon) and is among the best-performing currently available.


Carbon hubs with oversize aluminum flange and Two-to-One technology; the doubling of the spokes on the cassette side provides greater torsional stiffness and therefore a greater efficiency in the transmission of power to the wheel. The front hub has been redesigned, the new model is smaller and so lighter. Smoothness is ensured by the famous USB ceramic bearings.


  • Weight: 1358g (set)
  • Clincher, unidirectional carbon fiber
  • 30mm rim depth
  • Front Wheel: 16 straight pull aero aluminum spokes
  • Rear Wheel: Two to One™, straight pull aluminum aero spokes (7 left, 14 right)
  • Max weight restriction: Not suitible for riders 109KG or over. Riders 82KG+ are advised to be extra vigilant and inspect your wheels more frequently

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