The Michelin tires saga begins 1891, with the invention of the first demountable tire for bicycles. Over the ensuing years, Michelin has never stopped technological innovations for bicycles, such as the first flexible-bead clincher in 1978, the first tire with a high-density carcass in 1983, and the first tire with a high-performance silica rubber compound in 1995. In 2000, Michelin introduced the first tubeless tire for mountain bikes, and has been testing tubeless road tires in competition since 2003.

Riding with total confidence in your tires means that grip and safety must be optimal under any conditions, in extreme weather or at high speeds. It’s why year after year Michelin introduces technological innovations and develops products with ever-higher performance. Nowadays, the development of bicycle tires benefits from the same research methods used in designing tires for Formula 1 and even the space shuttle. Michelin is the only manufacturer developing tires for such diverse R&D environments.

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